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Principal Meeting: Shrewsbury International School

Two of my students are going to join Shrewsbury in 2018. What impressed me most is that Ben and I share lots of common thoughts especially on paving our students for more options. Although Shrewsbury only provides Education for students till 11 years old, Ben has prepared his students a good number of secondary school placements by expanding his well-established network with different secondary principals. Life is just great to have great options, isnt it?

PS Shrewsbury is very different from other schools. It is right that you can never have a campus which please students of all different ages. Here comes Shrewsbury’s campus with all facilities specially built for young learners below 11 years old. I couldn’t wait to place a visit in Sep!

Encourage parents to learn more about Shrewsbury! Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong #ShrewsburyHKG



AIK 小一升學結果:


English Playgroup:

AIK 學費:

學校現有校車線:荃灣線/九龍東線/大埔沙田線/ 油尖旺大角咀青衣線

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